Choose Bags for Men from Five Aspects Types There are many kinds of men bags. Depending on usage, they can be divided into men briefcases, leisure men bags, sports men bags, key bags for men, purses for men and , etc. Depending on how men carry them, they can be divided into shoulder bags, shoulders bags, messenger bags, handbags and so on. When you purchase a bag, depend on your intended use and habits, and select a suitable one. To observe whether a man bag is good or replica lv duffle bag not, mainly see the structural design, material, workmanship, volume, and cost performance. Structural Design Structural design of bags is the most important, because it replica borse hermes determines many aspects of performance, including practical applicability, durability and comfort. Features of bags are not the more, the better. The overall design should be simple and practical, but not fancy and gaudy. Whether a bag is comfortable or not is basically determined by the design of carrying system. Carrying réplique louis vuitton system is usually composed by straps, belts and back cushion. A comfortable bag should be equipped with wide, solid and adjustable straps, belts and back cushion. It is better if the back cushion has sweat ventilation slots. Materials (Including Shell Fabric and Parts) Shell fabrics usually should have the abrasive resistance, tear-proof resistance, waterproofness and other features. At present several popular materials are Oxford nylon, polyester staple fiber canvas, cattle hide and leather. Bag parts include belt buckles, zippers, shoulder straps and chest straps buckles, bag cover, bag body buckles, external straps, and so on. All these buckles materials are usually metal and nylon. When you purchase bags, you should select carefully by your sharp eyes. Workmanship It replica louis vuitton duffle bag means the suturing technique quality between the belt and the shoulder straps, the shell fabrics, the bag cover and the louis vuitton replica scarf bag body. It is necessary to guarantee the stitch firmness. Stitch should not be too large or too loose. Volume In fact it is the size of the bags. What should be based on are replica duffle bag individual job duties. Choose the bag size from the actual need, with the principle that rather big not small. It can be too big to fill, but not too small to hold. Cost Performance According to your economic strength, choose bags not only meet your needs, but also you are affordable. creates laptop messenger bags,, laptop briefcases to protect the consumer electronics that is essential to our lives. Designed to meet the needs of individuals across all interests, professions and passions, LAFOLIE products promote design simplicity and fashion while offering intuitive functionality and increased mobility for an enhanced user experience. The article is come from: More about my article, you also can read: a>